KROHNE flowmeter technology

Featuring well-established flowmeter technology with a high end non-nuclear density meter, KROHNE recently presented the next generation of instrumentation for dredging applications – the OPTIFLUX 4300 ERT.


Following the specifically designed OPTIFLUX 4000 series, the latest OPTIFLUX 4300 ERT delivers volumetric flow, mass flow, velocity, density and solids concentration measurement.

According to the company, the OPTIFLUX 4300 ERT combines the well-established KROHNE flowmeter technology with a high end non-nuclear density meter based on tomographic technology. This unique device can help to optimize dredging operations.

The unique features of the OPTIFLUX 4300 ERT are: it is a combination of an electromagnetic flowmeter and a non-nuclear tomographic density meter in one instrument; It offers a display showing solids distribution in real time; it is equipped with robust full-bore design for demanding applications; it has a abrasion resistant ceramic tiled liner and hard steel inlet rings; it offers velocity, density, mass flow, volumetric flow, solids concentration.

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