Damen delivers complete equipment package for ENDAM

Damen Shipyards has delivered a complete equipment package for the multipurpose vessel ENDAM.


Owned by the Korean Marine Environment Management Corporation (KOEM), the newbuild combines emergency oil spill recovery activities with maintenance dredging tasks.

With a 4,100 m3 hopper hold, the vessel was built by HJ Shipbuilding & Construction at its Busan yard and designed by KmsEmec.

The mission equipment package provided by the Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) team included a 15 m rigid oil sweep arm with a dedicated pump and handling crane for the emergency oil spill recovery functionality, and a complete turnkey dredging system, which was designed specifically for the vessel.

The dredge package consisted of both loading and discharging equipment, a hydraulic system, dredging control system and various drives.

Damen photo

A 900 mm trailing suction pipe, designed to dredge at a maximum depth of -30m, is hoisted by three dedicated gantries and their hydraulically operated winches. All the trailing suction pipe components are located starboard aft.

A Damen dredge pump, type BP9075HD, completed the dredge pipe arrangements. The highly efficient slurry pump is designed for both suction dredging, as well as discharging over the bow using the bow coupling unit or rainbow nozzle.

This hopper discharging equipment, including 12 bottom dump valves which Damen designed, were all part of the dredge package. Furthermore, dredge valves in various pressure stages were delivered for the suction and discharge piping. Dedicated dredging instrumentation completed the package.

According to Damen, this is crucial to monitor and visualise the dredging process and to optimise the dredging operations.

The vessel was named ENDAM, which means ‘the fence that protects you’ in the Korean Jeju dialect. A festive handover ceremony took place in the summer and ENDAM has successfully started operating along the Korean coast.