Dredge America wins Paducah City dredging contract

The Paducah City Commission (KY) members at is meeting on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, voted on a long-term dredging contract with Dredge America Inc.

Dredge America

The Board approved a three-year construction contract with Dredge America, Inc. which includes hydraulic dredging of sediment downstream of the Transient Dock.

The City has received a permit from the Kentucky Division of Water with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers concurrence to perform a maximum of 60,000 cubic yards of dredging per year to maintain access to the docking area.

As a result of the flooding and severe weather events in February 2020, the Federal Emergency Management Agency obligated more than $3.97 million in federal funds for Paducah’s dredging project.

This will cover 90 percent of the total project cost with the remaining amount being split between the State (4.8 percent) and City (5.2 percent).