PHOTO: Dutra dredging Sacramento River 30 ft Channel

Earlier this year, Dutra Group landed a contract from the Army Corps for the annual maintenance dredging of the Sacramento River Deep Water Channel (DWSC).

Ryan Lander/Dutra

The project includes annual dredging of the Sacramento River DWSC to -30-ft (MLLW) plus 1-ft of paid over-depth and transportation of the dredged material to various upland disposal sites.

The company yesterday released photos showing the clamshell dredge DB24 with the dump scow KS10 hard at work on this project.

This multi-million dollar project, which started in August 2022, will be completed in the next months.

The Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel is a low-use, deep-draft project authorized to maintain a 30-foot deep channel for the upper 43 miles of an 80-mile long ship channel. It connects the Port of West Sacramento with the Pacific Ocean. The project also includes 33 miles of dual purpose navigation and flood protection levees.

The ship channel is an integral component of the California Bay Delta ecosystem and supports the Port of West Sacramento which is a vital link to California’s agriculture industry.