Houston Ship Channel expansion project in full swing

Dredging operations for the Houston Ship Channel Expansion-Project 11 continue with multiple contractors working on site at the same time.

Port Houston

According to the latest update, Port Houston is expediting the work by employing multiple dredge companies.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC is currently dredging Segment 1A, from Bolivar Roads to Redfish, which will widen the Houston Ship Channel to 700 feet, reported the port officials.

Curtin Maritime, Corp. via DB Avalon, the largest clamshell dredge in North America, commenced dredging at the Barbours Cut Container Terminal in October.

Also worth mentioning is that Weeks Marine, Inc. will commence dredging in Segment 2 (Bayport Ship Channel) in early 2023.

Orion Marine Group removed abandoned pipelines in Segments 1B and 1C between January and June 2022, concluded Port Houston.

When complete, the Houston Ship Channel expansion – Project 11 – will widen the channel by 170 feet along its Galveston Bay reach, from 530 feet to 700 feet. It will also deepen some upstream segments to 46.5 feet, make other safety and efficiency improvements, and craft new environmental features.