Van Oord in Vietnam: Highlighting importance of Nature Based Solutions

An inspiring Dutch Trade mission to Vietnam took place earlier this month.

Reinout Viersma

During the visit, led by Liesje Schreinemacher, the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, the Dutch experts shared their knowledge on Nature Based Solutions like the Sand Engine for coastal defenses in the Netherlands and UK, trying to assist in enabling these techniques in Vietnam for the future.

“There is a large growth potential which is at risk due to increasing sea levels and we look forward to help in creating more resilient coastlines to overcome the effects of climate change,” said Reinout Viersma, Programme Manager Climate Adaptation at Van Oord.

Reinout Viersma LinkedIn photo

The sand engine (also called Sand Motor) is a type of beach nourishment where a large volume of sediment is added to a coast.

The natural forces of wind, waves and tides then distribute the sand along the coast over many years, preventing the need for repetitive beach nourishment.

The method is expected to be more cost effective and also reduces the repeated ecological disturbances caused by replenishment