Van Oord: Immense steel rolling door installed at Afsluitdijk

Immense steel rolling door, weighing nearly 1 million kg, was installed at a safety lock in the Afsluitdijk dam in the Netherlands today.

Van Oord

According to Van Oord, the rolling door was chosen because of the width of the waterway and will be closed in case of very high water levels.

To enable installation of this huge construction, Van Oord’s water injection dredger Maas dredged the port to the required depth.

Van Oord photo

This 32 kilometer long Afsluitdijk dam has protected large parts of the Netherlands against flooding from the sea and lake IJsselmeer since 1932.

Thanks to the efforts of Van Oord and consortium partners Bam and Rebel, the dam is being reinforced and will continue to protecting the Netherlands until at least 2050.