Legal procedures that transformed marine infrastructure contracts

IADC (International Association of Dredging Companies) recently presented an article reviewing various court cases over the past 50 years and their influence on marine infrastructure contracts and the allocation of risk between contract parties.

Van Oord

The article was published by David Kinlan of Kinlan Consulting Pty Ltd in IADC’s scientific journal Terra et Aqua.

The establishment of case law and legal precedent is an ever-evolving process, it being dependent on claimants to put their disputes through the court process to seek the outcome they desire. It is often a long and costly process.

The rise of adjudication in various common law jurisdictions and countries means that often disputes are resolved without recourse to the courts and various industry standard contracts have arbitration as the final and binding mechanism to resolve disputes.

This article is of interest to those involved in:

  • the contractual aspects of marine infrastructure projects;
  • tenders and contracts;
  • working as a lawyer, contracts manager or administrator, or project manager.

Read the new article “50 years of case law that transformed marine infrastructure contracts