Mavi Deniz, UNDP sign agreement for amphibious vessels supply

Mavi Deniz, an Istanbul based company involved in oil spill response, weed and silt removal, dredging and ship building, has signed an important agreement with UNDP.

Mavi Deniz photo

According to the contract, Mavi Deniz will supply amphibious wetlands mobile vessels and auxiliary equipment for maintenance and cleaning purposes within the scope of ‘Invasive Alien Species Threats’ at the Marine Biodiversity Areas Project.

“On the World Water Day, we are reminded of the crucial role that water plays in supporting life, biodiversity, and economic development,” Mavi Deniz said.

“Mavi Deniz is committed to advancing sustainable innovative solutions for restoring and maintaining water bodies.”

“Our amphibious multipurpose machine is an unique tool for achieving this goal, as it combines the capabilities of multiple machines, allowing to complete a wide range of water restoration projects with fewer costs,” the company said.

Mavi Deniz photo

A multi-functional amphibious wetlands mobile vessels are capable of traveling on land and on water for collecting water hyacinth in rivers, shores, fish garths, reeds, marshlands, etc.