Esplanade Lagoon maintenance includes sand replenishment

The Cairns Esplanade Lagoon will undergo its biennial maintenance program from 18 July to 8 August to ensure the city’s most iconic feature remains in top condition. photo

The maintenance program will include repairs and upgrades to the pool’s surface, lighting, pump systems etc.

“The pool and its surrounds need major maintenance every two years to keep that area looking and operating at its best,” Mayor Bob Manning said.

“Without this maintenance, our lagoon wouldn’t be the star attraction that it is.”

The Lagoon will need to be drained to some of the maintenance to be completed, therefore a full closure is required.

The lagoon will be drained on 18-19 July via a stormwater outlet.

The maintenance program includes:

  • Sand replenishment,
  • Repairs to subsidence-related concrete damage,
  • Detailed survey of render faults and required rectification,
  • General signage renewal around lagoon, etc.