Mandurah entrance channel dredging starting this week

The City of Mandurah and the WA Department of Transport are set to begin annual maintenance dredging of the Mandurah Ocean Entrance.

Photo courtesy of Neumann Contractors

Starting this week, around 150,000 cubic metres of sand will be excavated from the beach at Halls Head and pumped to the beaches immediately north of the entrance channel.

As reported by the Department of Transport (DoT) Acting Coastal Facilities Manager, Shelley Grice, the annual sand bypassing and replenishment project will ensure safe navigation depths in the entrance channel and wide Town Beach for summer.

“Funded by the State Government and City of Mandurah at a cost of $1.8million, the work will see heavy machinery in operation during the day from Monday to Friday until the completion of work in November,” Ms Grice said.

“Ongoing collaboration with the City to deliver this annual project in the most cost-effective way means skippers can be confident navigating the entrance channel and the community can enjoy wider beaches to the north in the summer months,” she added.

The works follow the successful completion of the Dawesville Sand Bypassing project where approximately 130,000 cubic metres of sand was excavated from Pyramids Beach and bypassed to Avalon Beach.