Tinian Port’s $500M development program includes dredging


The Commonwealth Ports Authority has approved a Letter of Intent with the Department of Defense for a $500 million development project to repair and improve the Tinian Harbor.

Micronesian Environmental Services photo

The approval comes after CPA conducted a town hall with community members and local leadership. 

CPA Board Chair, Kimberlyn King-Hinds, said: “Our airports and seaports on Tinian, when repaired and maintained, provide the key links for development and progress.”

“This is the beginning of a negotiation process similar to that of the Divert Lease in 2019.” 

The development includes:

  • two warehouse facilities,
  • hardening and repairs to the four berths,
  • dredging the harbor to 28 feet, and
  • repairing the entire breakwater structure. 

CPA owns the Tinian port but through a prior technical agreement allows the military to train in the area. The port is used for civilian, commercial and military purposes.