Chedoke Creek dredging project finally to begin

Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc., has returned to the site to complete the long-delayed dredging of Chedoke Creek in Hamilton, Ontario.

Photo courtesy of Amphibex

The dredging was originally set to start in 2021, but has been repeatedly put on hold due to the Indigenous group concerns about the environmental aspects of the project.

Earlier this year, the City reached an agreement with the Indigenous group allowing work in the creek to go ahead and complete before a provincial order deadline of Oct. 31.

According to the City, the contractor has remobilized equipment to the site and is completing the construction of the Dredge Material Management Area, in Kay Drage Park, to support the targeted dredging of Chedoke Creek.

“The remobilization of the hydraulic dredger will take place this week along with the installation of the associated floating pipeline. The floating pipeline will be used to transport the sediments to the Dredge Material Management Area for dewatering,” the City said in the update.

In-water work is scheduled to begin on July 17, 2023, with dedicated debris removal in Chedoke Creek occurring between the Desjardins Recreation Trail bridge and the Kay Drage Park bridge.

The advanced removal of debris will ensure that the dredger can move easily throughout the targeted dredging portion of the project. The debris removal will be followed by the commencement of targeted dredging approximately 100 meters north of the Desjardins Recreation Trail bridge.