HEB Construction opens new harbour entrance in Opotiki

HEB Construction has just announced that the tides are flowing through the new Opotiki Harbour entrance – the old river mouth is now being closed off.

Photo courtesy of HEB Construction

This Opotiki Harbour Development is a significant investment for Opotiki District Council and will provide safe access for large mussel boats with a new entrance that is navigable in most conditions, enabling Opotiki to expand its aquaculture and other marine related industries.

HEB construction crews continue to work hard though. There is still work to do complete the 450 metre long southern breakwater, placing more concrete hanbar units.

According to the company, the 400,000m3 stock pile of sand needs to be placed across the old river mouth and 300,000m3 of dredging along the Waiweka River and between the breakwaters will continue with the dredgings pumped into the old river mouth to help with the full closure.

Even though the full project will only be completed in early 2024, the contractors expect to be able to enjoy the milestone of the first boats passing through the gap before the end August.