Dredger SOSPAN DAU ‘rainbowing’ near the Pyramids (PHOTO)

The trailer suction hopper dredger SOSPAN DAU has arrived at the Southsea near the Pyramids to recharge the nearby beach.

Photo courtesy of the Southsea Coastal Scheme

Over the next couple of weeks, the dredger will come in on high tide to rainbow shingle and recharge the beach near the Pyramids.

“People visiting the Southsea seafront near the Pyramids are likely to see large amounts of shingle being ‘rainbowed’ by dredging vessel, the Sospan Dau to recharge the beach by the newly constructed groyne,” officials said in the update.

She will be adding shingle to the beach (re-charging) east of the groyne near the Pyramids. This is important as the beach is the primary sea defence and needs replenishing.

View on Youtube.