Boskalis’ waterbox wins IADC award – currently used on Manila International Airport project

Boskalis’ waterbox is the winner of the IADC (International Association of Dredging Companies) Safety Award 2023.

On behalf of Boskalis, Pim van der Knaap (right), Group Director, accepts the Safety Award 2023 which was bestowed by IADC’s President Frank Verhoeven(left)

This new and improved waterbox, which is used for sandfill areas, greatly improves safety for its employees. It is designed and constructed to eliminate the risk of implosion due to soil pressure.

The waterbox features an external, manually operated and adjustable platform that can be reached with a safe stairway.

As the soil and water level rises, the platform can be moved up. This allows the sandfill team to add planks from the outside of the water box.

Boskalis photo

According to IADC, this greatly enhances their safety, compared to traditional water boxes.

The design is basically a “plug and play” setup and can easily be transported to a project site.

Currently, the new waterbox is being used by Boskalis on the Manila International Airport project.