Deltares starts another innovative project – the Growing Dike

Deltares has just announced the start of an innovative TKI pilot project – the “Meegroeidijk” (Growing Dike).

Photo courtesy of Deltares

According to Deltares, this initiative embodies the principles of building with nature and aims to revolutionize dike reinforcement and management.

The Meegroeidijk (MGD – Growing Dike) project leverages the reuse of dredged and locally available sludge to strengthen dykes in an efficient and sustainable manner.

For Growing Dike thin layers of dredged clay-rich material are deposited directly on an existing dike located in the vicinity of the dredging location. A dike is thus strengthened or repaired via more frequent and less impacting interventions using locally available material.

By applying thin layers of sediments onto an existing dyke, vegetation will grow and stabilise the new material.

This process offers potential for transitioning to a circular reuse of sediment, improving water safety, and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the dyke construction chain.