IADC paper – ‘Sand as a resource: Best practices to conduct responsible dredging projects’

Every stage of a dredging project presents opportunities to increase the sustainability of sand extraction.

Photo courtesy of IADC

How the global dredging industry uses sand in a responsible manner is described in the new paper “Sand as a resource: Best practices to conduct responsible dredging projects”, initiated and presented by the Sustainability Committee of the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC).

The path towards sustainable use of sand is set out in ten recommendations formulated by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP). IADC builds on this from the perspective of the dredging industry and directly refers to UNEP’S recommendation number 7, “Establish best practices and national standards, and a coherent international framework”.

Keeping pace on this path requires the combined efforts of authorities, project owners, stakeholders, project designers and the industry. When all actors contribute within their field of competence and responsibility, opportunities can be seized to significantly reduce negative impacts on the environment and society as well as increase positive contributions.

The dredging industry has an important part to play in seizing these opportunities. Operating globally, dredging contractors are working within a wide variety of physical, environmental, social, and legal conditions. Their first-hand experience can serve as a guide to formulating recommendations for responsible use of sand resources.

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