Rhosonics unveils new density meter

After five years of development, Rhosonics recently unveiled its third-generation non-nuclear density meter, the SDM ECO.

Photo courtesy of Rhosonics

The SDM ECO uses ultrasonic technology to measure the density of slurries in real time, without the use of hazardous radioactive materials. This makes it a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional radiometric density meters.

The SDM ECO represents a significant advancement in slurry density measurement technology,” said Vitor Braz, Global Sales Manager at Rhosonics. “With its improved accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness, we are confident that the SDM ECO will become the new benchmark for slurry density meters in the market.”

It is ideal for a wide range of applications in mineral processing, dredging, tunneling, and other industries. It can be used to monitor process stability, and when it is combined with a flow meter, the quantities of slurry being transferred to downstream processes can be tracked. Ultimately, contributing to optimizing operational efficiency.