Congressman Scalise announces funding for Southeast Louisiana coastal projects

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise said that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Fiscal Year 2024 Work Plan includes critical hurricane protection, coastal restoration and navigation priorities in Southeast Louisiana.

photo courtesy of Restore the Mississippi River Delta

“I have worked for months with the Corps to include critical funding for flood protection, coastal restoration and navigation priorities in Southeast Louisiana, including roughly $210 million for Mississippi River maintenance, $28 million for Morganza to the Gulf, and over $6 million for the Houma Navigational Canal’s maintenance and continued work to deepen the channel,” said Scalise.

“Southeast Louisiana is home to the mouth of the Mississippi River and the critical energy, maritime, and shipbuilding industries that our country relies upon for domestic energy and national security.” 

“Whether it’s projects like Morganza to the Gulf that provide vital protection to the communities, small businesses and hardworking families that support these critical industries, or the dredging of the Mississippi River, which serves as an important gateway to the world for America, Southeast Louisiana is home to invaluable national assets that have an unparalleled impact on our nation’s economy, energy security and global competitiveness.

Projects for Louisiana’s First Congressional District in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ 2024 Work Plan include:

  • Mississippi River Dredging from Baton Rouge to the Gulf: $209,460,251,
  • Morganza-to-the-Gulf: $28,000,000,
  • Bayou Lafourche and Lafourche Jump Waterway Dredging: $3,553,000,
  • Houma Navigational Canal Maintenance: $5,769,000,
  • Houma Navigational Canal Investigations: $500,000,
  • Mississippi River Outlets at Venice Dredging: $13,823,000,
  • Lower Mississippi River Comprehensive Management Study: $2,500,000,
  • Lafitte Area Flood and Coastal Storm Risk Management Study: $600,000,
  • Bonnet Carre Spillway Maintenance: $4,065,000,
  • Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Investigations: $250,000.