Spotlight on Town Neck Beach nourishment

New England District Commander Col. Justin Pabis met with Senator Edward Markey, Sandwich’s Town Manager Bud Dunham, members of the Town Select Board, and homeowners last week to talk about the anticipated and necessary nourishment of Town Neck Beach in Sandwich, MA.

photo courtesy of New England District

The project consists of a hydraulic dredge that will pump sand from an area offshore of Scusset Beach and placed at Town Neck Beach, addressing the erosion caused by the Cape Cod Canal jetties which were built to protect the Canal from shoaling.

Approximately, 320,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed on the beach, with work beginning as early as October 1 of this year.

This coastal program is set to provide further shoreline protection to Town Neck Beach along with the 600+ acre salt marsh behind it, said USACE.

Also, a dune and berm are being constructed on Town Neck Beach as part of the project to protect the beach’s properties and natural resources.