Canal and River Trust removes tons of sediment from Staffs canal locks

Canal and River Trust is dredging several locks on the Trent & Mersey Canal between Burton-on-Trent and Kings Bromley to make sure boaters can continue to use the centuries-old waterway.

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The works, taking place between 10 and 28 June, will see the charity remove around 25 tons of sediment each from Branston, Dallow, and Tattenhill locks, with the Canal and River Trust investing around £60,000 in the project.

Whilst the depth of the Trent & Mersey Canal in this area is generally fine, boaters have told us they’ve been running aground in some locks. When we heard these reports, we carried out surveys that confirmed a build-up of heavy sediments, and we have planned these dredging works to clear the locks so boaters can use them unimpeded,” said Paul Fox, the Trust senior project manager.

This dredging task will be carried out using a specialised grab barge designed for the purpose.