Dredging operations starting at Darwin Harbor

Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) Government reported yesterday that the dredging operations are about to begin in Darwin Harbor.

Photo courtesy of the NT Government

According to the Local Notice to Mariners, DVO JV will be conducting the trenching operations in Darwin harbour for Barossa GEP project.

Trenching is executed using specialized dredging vessels to remove rock and sand (known as spoil). Spoil disposal from the trenching will occur at the dedicated spoil disposal ground located north-east of Darwin Harbor.

The dredging will be carried out by the hopper dredger HAM 318. When the hopper is filled with spoil material, TSHD HAM 318 will sail via the navigation channel to the spoil ground.

Also taking part in the operations is the cutter suction dredger CSD D’Artagnan that will loosen the seabed by cutting wherever harder material is present. She will be working on spuds and two dredge anchors. CSD D’Artagnan will be assisted by multicat Fiona F for anchor handling and logistical purposes.

Finally the backhoe dredger Machiavelli will be excavating the seabed, while being stationary on three spuds. She will load the split hopper barges with spoil material. When the split barge is full, the tug will tow the split hopper barge through the navigation channel to the spoil ground.