Fire Island Inlet dredging program set for fall 2024

Norfolk Dredging Company has won a $37 million contract for the maintenance dredging of Fire Island Inlet and Shores Westerly to Jones Beach, the USACE New York District said.

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This essential multi-purpose project includes the maintenance of a navigation channel at least 250 feet wide and to a minimum depth of -10 feet Mean Low Water Datum.

In addition to providing a critical navigation channel, the project offers significant coastal storm risk management benefits, said USACE.

The maintenance dredging of Fire Island Inlet is a vital project that supports both navigation, commerce, and coastal resilience,” said Colonel Alex Young, Commander of the USACE New York District.

This contract will hydraulically dredge 1.25 million cubic yards of sand from Fire Island Inlet and strategically place it along the Gilgo Beach shoreline on Jones Island, nourishing the beaches westward towards Jones Inlet, addressing critical erosion areas.

Work is expected to begin in fall 2024.