Boskalis in Middlesbrough: Expanding horizons for sustainable dismantling


At the end of the Seaton Channel in Middlesbrough, UK, a yard is located where (obsolete) offshore platforms and associated infrastructure are dismantled and, if possible, recycled.

photo courtesy of Boskalis

The sheer size of these platforms means that the current 85-meter-wide channel doesn’t cut it.

That’s where the crews from Boskalis Westminster Ltd. step in, tasked with widening the channel by 15 meters.

photo courtesy of Boskalis

According to Boskalis, their approach involves deploying the versatile trailing suction hopper dredger Causeway, alongside the powerful backhoe dredger Magnor.

This will enable the pontoons carrying the heavy ‘offshore waste’ to access the yard,” said the company.

photo courtesy of Boskalis

The Causeway and the Magnor will be assisted by the tugs Union Topaz and Union Onyx, which will sail the Terraferre barges 501 and 502 filled with dredged material back and forth from the site.