IQPC Australia Organizes ‘Dredging WA’

IQPC is pleased to announce Dredging WA 2010. Due to market demand we are now holding our Dredging event later in the year to ensure accessibility for all stakeholders involved in Dredging.

This event will share knowledge with all stakeholders involved in dredging projects from approval through to delivery. Port infrastructure is an essential part of the import and export industry across the whole of Australia; it is therefore imperative the project runs as smoothly as possible. There is an increased need to dredge to create larger berths and channels and with the large amount of Infrastructure funding being allocated by government and private sectors into WA and other states, now is the perfect opportunity to learn how to improve your Dredging process.

The issues surrounding capital and maintenance dredging are the same across all states including obtaining government approval and relevant permits for the projects, managing the impact of the environment and identifying when and how it should be dredged.

The conference will arm you with all the necessary knowledge to ensure you adopt the best approach for every stage of the process and enable the project to run as smoothly as possible.

Event Topics:

-Potential Issues That Occur Throughout a Project: Outlining the Full Ports Dredging Process from Approval to Delivery

-Understanding what an efficient Environmental Plan is: A Port Perspective

-The Contemporary Approach to Environmental Impact Assessment of Dredging in Western Australia

-Alternate Strategies for Achieving Project Approvals

-Existing Regulations for and Measures Taken to Control Environmental Impacts of Dredging Operations

-Managing Impacts of Dredging: Predictions, Perceptions and Outcomes

-Broad Understanding of the Environmental Challenges faced with Small Dredging Projects

-Dredging Assessment and Approvals: Smoothing the Path

-Outlining the Environmental Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Process

-Recent Experiences Associated with Developments at the Port of Gladstone

-Managing Dredging and Reducing Negative Environmental Impacts: Start to Finish

-Understanding the Different Types of Dredging Equipment and Which Applies to your Project and Marine Environment

-Alliance contracts: Understanding what Relationship Contracting is, How it works and the Benefits to your Organisation

-Highlighting the Environmental process for long term Maintenance Dredging

-Understanding the importance of Managing the Different Stakeholder Communication Channels


Source: IQPC, July 8, 2010