The Netherlands: Expansion of Rhenus Terminal Completed

Rhenus Port Logistics’ breakbulk terminal in Rotterdam Waalhaven area is expanded considerably. The quay is extended from 580 to 900 metres. The terminal area grew from 33,000 to 63,000 square metres, with the area for covered storage increasing from 13,000 to 21,000 square metres.

Since 2000, the Rhenus’ breakbulk volumes rose tenfold to some 700,000 tonnes – mainly steel, non-ferrous metals, forest products and project cargoes. Particularly steel has grown rapidly: from almost nil to 450,000 tonnes.

On-dock rail

Besides inward and onward transport via inland barge and shortsea, the terminal of Rhenus Port Logistics also offers rail transport. The stevedore has its own on-dock rail link, which currently dispatches approximately 50 freight wagons a week.



Source: portofrotterdam, August 5, 2010;