IADC Young Authors Award Presented at Wodcon, Beijing, China, September 8-12 2010

An IADC Best Paper Award for a Young Author was presented to Yoshiyuki Haseyama at the WODCON XIX, held at the Beijing International Convention Center in Beijing. WODCON is organised by the World Dredging Association, the umbrella group for the CEDA, WEDA and EADA, and is held once in 3 years on alternating continents.

Mr. Haseyama works for the engineering company Tomac Corporation, Chiba-ken, Japan. His award-winning paper entitled, “Establishing a stone-dumping process for constructing manmade undersea ridges” is based on research done to build undersea ridges west of Nagaski city to improve its over-fished coastal areas. With its national food self-sufficiency rate down to about 40%, Japan is becoming more and more dependent on imports of almost all kinds of foods.

Since fish is an important staple of the Japanese diet, the economic value of securing domestic fishery resources is important to the long-term stability of Japanese society. The paper describes several efforts to enrich the local underwater food chain by using highly accurate stone-dumping techniques.

These techniques take into consideration both the precise determination of the ship’s position as well as the natural sea conditions along specific coastal areas. Each year at selected conferences, the International Association of Dredging Companies grants awards for the best papers written by younger authors. In each case the Conference Paper Committee is asked to recommend a prizewinner whose paper makes a significant contribution to the literature on dredging and related fields. The purpose of the IADC Award is “to stimulate the promotion of new ideas and encourage younger men and women in the dredging industry”. The winner of an IADC Award receives €1000 and a certificate of recognition and the paper may then be published in Terra et Aqua.

IADC stands for “International Association of Dredging Companies” and is the global umbrella organisation for contractors in the private dredging industry. As such IADC is dedicated to not only promoting the skills, integrity and reliability of its members, but also the dredging industry in general. IADC has over hundred main and associated members. Together they represent the forefront of the dredging industry.


September 27, 2010