Versi-Dredge Fights Piracy and Terrorism

IMS Dredges, a division of LWT, LLC, is facilitating the creation of a local security zone in the Gulf of Guinea. IMS Dredges’ 7012 HP Versi-dredge is being utilized to develop the bases for the The African Partnership Station in its fight against piracy. The dredged material is creating these foundations as an integral part of the security effort.

Developing protection, such as this, has been an ongoing struggle in the region which has initiated the creation of various defense programs. The African Partnership Station, an aspect of the U.S. Africa Command’s Security Cooperation program, was created by United States Naval Forces Europe-Africa as a global means of improving maritime safety and security in Africa. Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, Commander of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa, stated that “building partner capacity is a core element of our efforts [here]. When we collaborate with our partners, a wide array of mariners benefit from our actions. We have seen tremendous growth in the capabilities of our partners and Allies in understanding Maritime Safety and Security. If we help others build their skills, there is less likelihood we will need to respond with ours.”

In addition to the work being done by the IMS 7012 HP Versi-dredge, IMS Dredges personnel are also making a positive impact in this battle. These dredger salesmen offer unparalleled technical dive skills through their association with Underwater Professionals LLC.

R. Stefan Templeton, West Africa Director of Sales for IMS Dredges, is one of these skilled divers. He, along with IMS Dredges, understands the importance of the current situation, and feels “the transportability and power of IMS Dredges’ equipment makes it ideal for supporting deep field brown-water peace and security operations. We are proud to have been selected as the suppliers of dredging equipment for operations of this kind and look forward to offering our continued support to the APS and other peace and security operations in West Africa” he said.

As well as this crucial aid in protection of the Gulf of Guinea, IMS Dredges has played a significant role in clearing patrol boat ports for foreign defense departments and armed forces. IMS Dredges has had a vital role in the completion of similar projects for Defense Departments worldwide, including the de-silting /sanding of the Naval Patrol Boat docks at Port Umm Qasr, Iraq. IMS Dredges has continuously been praised for its efforts throughout these critical tasks. Captain A D Radakin, the Commanding Officer of the Iraq Naval Transition Team said IMS “provided a first class service and has directly assisted [them] in [their] efforts to reach transition and hand over security of the Iraqi Maritime assets to the Iraqi Navy.” IMS Dredges continues to support the International naval community through its engineering and service efforts.


Source: IMS Dredges, October 28, 2010