The Netherlands: Maastank Invests €30 million in Terminal Expansion

Maastank is investing €30 million in the expansion of its terminal in the Botlek area. By 2012, the storage capacity for vegetable oils and fats and for chemicals must have doubled to 65,000 m3. The investment sum was announced during the christening of the inland tanker Piz Palü belonging to the Fluvia Group, which owns 55% of Maastank.

Piz Palü

The Piz Palü was named after a 3905-metre high mountain in Switzerland. The ship will largely be used for transporting diesel oil, petrol, kerosene and domestic fuel oil to Basel. It is also suitable for carrying ethanol, which is added to petrol as a biological component, and it can carry two different cargoes.


The Fluvia Group’s mineral oil fleet comprises 47 vessels, with 5 chemical tankers and 19 vegetable oil tankers alongside the mineral oil tankers. The company has offices in Rotterdam, Basel and Hamburg. Fluvia was founded in 2004 and has four shareholders, each owning a quarter of the shares.


Source: Port of Rotterdam