Finland: Hitachi EX2500-6 Excavator Forms Base for Backhoe Dredger


Rotator Oy, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV’s official dealer in Finland, has supplied Wasa Dredging Ltd with an EX2500-6 excavator as the base machine for a backhoe dredger.

Wasa Dredging Ltd – a Finnish marine and inland water construction company – secured the contract to deepen the Mäntyluoto Pori harbour to 13.5m early in 2010.

The large Hitachi excavator was delivered last summer and has been working at the harbour since then. The work consists of dredging 320,000m³ clay and sand, and drilling and blasting 110,000m³ of bedrock.

The EX2500-6 has two booms of 13.6m and 16m, and three arms of 7m, 9m and 11m. It is used with four buckets, ranging from 7.5m³ to 14m³, and its maximum dredging depth is 22m. The booms, arms and buckets were all designed and built by Wasa Dredging. By November 2010 it had accumulated 3,760 working hours.

Rotator Oy Managing Director, Thomas Åhman says, “Wasa Dredging is satisfied with the performance of the EX2500-6 on the specialist project. It also appreciates the continued support it receives from Rotator through regular service checks and routine maintenance procedures.

The backhoe dredger is one of several pieces of special equipment – including split barges and drilling platforms – that Wasa Dredging has constructed for its offshore and marine and inland water construction work since 1997. It specialises in underwater drilling, blasting and dredging of hard materials. The company currently has around 30 employees and had a turnover of €13million in 2010.

Our customers and partners traditionally come from Finland, Sweden and Russia,” says Wasa Managing Director Kristian Backlund.They include the former Finnish Maritime Administration, city councils, local government bodies and major construction contractors. We are currently expanding our market to mainland Europe, and we plan to build new equipment for these markets in 2011-12.”


Source: hcme, April 14, 2011;