UAE: Innovation, Diversity and Long Term Relationships with Customers – Main Drivers of DP World


Innovation, diversity and long term relationships with customers and business partners will continue to be the main drivers of DP World, UAE Region’s future development.

Addressing a visiting team from the International Institute of Management Development (IMD), Switzerland, this week Mohammed Al Muallem, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DP World, UAE Region, said the premier regional port operator embraced innovative methods to build sustainable operating models that focus on overall supply chain efficiency for the customer.

The 24-strong delegation included IMD Executive Director Dr. Hischam El-Agamy, Professor Leif M. Sjöblom, Director of Accelerated Executive Development Programme (AEDP), leading executives from several multinational companies and Executive MBA students.

They were received by Mr. Al Muallem and Farid Mohammed Ahmed, SecretaryGeneral, Dubai World, who made a presentation on the group and engaged the visitors in a question and answer session. Mohammed Al Muallem, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DP World,

UAE Region, said: “No one has a crystal ball to accurately say what markets will do in today’s globalised economy. However, we do know that growth will continue and we must prepare for it. At DP World, UAE Region we ensure this by honing the leadership skills of our management and empowering the staff to find new and efficient ways of operating. We work hand in hand with shipping lines, and with importers and exporters to ensure we meet their needs today and prepare for tomorrow. Innovation, diversity and long term relationships with customers and business partners have always been important and will continue to be.”

Briefing the IMD visitors on Dubai World, ultimate majority owner of DP World, Farid Mohammed Ahmed, Secretary-General, Dubai World, said:“The global economic downturn has not taken away from Dubai its merit as a regional hub for business and finance nor its ability to create the necessary infrastructure to attract investments. The encouraging performance of the group’s flagship company, DP World, during 2010 bears testimony to this. Dubai World is now in a new phase of growth and aims to work towards maintaining the pace of recovery through innovation and generation of new ideas.”

After a tour of Jebel Ali Port and its facilities, Dr El-Agamy and Professor Sjöblom expressed admiration for the operational efficiency at the port and said Dubai provided the perfect backdrop for the executives in the programme to explore the challenges of leading change and implementing strategies.

AEDP is one of IMD’s top management executive education programmes and a pathway to the institute’s prestigious Executive MBA programme. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, IMD is among the world’s top-ranked business schools.


Source: dpworld, April 15, 2011;