DKSH Thailand Introduces IMS State-of-the-Art Self Propelled Hydraulic Dredges

DKSH, the leading provider of Market Expansion Services with a focus on Asia, provides marketing, sales, distribution, and after-sales services to IMS Dredges, the world’s leader in one truck transportable dredge systems. To help solve the persistent flood problem affecting Thailand DKSH introduces the one truck transportable “IMS Versi-Dredge” to the Thai market. As sole distributor in Thailand DKSH imports the dredgers directly from the USA. The Versi-Dredge’s major competitive advantage is its patented self-propulsion technology, known as “Starwheel Drive” (STARWHEEL®). This technology was developed for the dredger’s ease of movement and allows it to work both on the water surface with paddle wheel mode as well as under water with bottom traction mode. Restrictive cables and anchors have thus become obsolete. DKSH is confident that the Starwheel Drive’s high competency will greatly help to reduce flood problems.

With weather patterns all over Asia appearing to be changing, Thailand too suffers severe rains more often and at unpredictable intervals, which results in nationwide catastrophic flood damages. With different corporate social responsibility activities, DKSH endeavors to solve and alleviate such problems, with IMS Versi-Dredge self-propulsion technology being the latest contribution by Business Unit Technology.

DKSH strongly believes the technological efficiency and innovation of the IMS Versi-Dredge can help resolve problems in drainage and weed control, which are major contributors to the damages caused by flooding events”, says Somboon Prasitjutrakul, President of DKSH Thailand.

DKSH will also provide demonstrations of the IMS Versi-Dredge for potential customers with the theme of “Earth keeper – flood prevention solutions”. The participants will be able to see, in a separate demonstration, the dredging of silt/mud and the harvesting and broadcasting of water hyacinths”, added Marcel Wismer, Vice President of Business Unit Technology.

The IMS Versi-Dredge is imported in batches of five to ten units. The target groups are public works departments of major cities that have a history of past flooding. The ability of self-propelled IMS Versi-Dredge to cost-effectively and safely remove silt and vegetation from canals and rivers provides all public works departments in Thailand with access to the best currently available technology to restore the drainage efficiency of Thailand’s waterways. DKSH has set a sales goal of THB 200 million for the first year.

The self-propelled IMS Versi-Dredge brings to Thai public works departments a job proven and cost effective method for restoring and maintaining the canals and rivers they are responsible for. This self-propelled auger dredge technology will not interrupt boat traffic and increases dredging efficiency by up to 40%. The Starwheels will not clog like prop driven dredges, making it ideal for canals polluted with debris.

Eventually the IMS Versi-Dredge eliminates all disadvantages of the mechanical dragger excavator”, explained James Horton, President of Innovative Material Systems (IMS), LLC.

About DKSH

DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services Group with a focus on Asia. As the term “Market Expansion Services” suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets.

With 610 business locations in 35 countries – 590 of them in Asia – and 22,500 specialized staff it is one of the top 20 Swiss companies ranked by sales and employees. In 2010, DKSH generated annual gross revenues of CHF 10 billion.

DKSH’s Business Unit Technology is the leading provider of Market Expansion Services involving technical solutions for capital investment goods and analytical instruments. DKSH Technology’s field of competence includes the manufacturing and production, energy, research, food and beverage, advanced metals, and infrastructure sectors with a service portfolio that includes market entry consultancy, project financing, product planning, marketing, sales, application engineering, product sourcing, and after-sales services.

With 89 business locations in 17 countries and 1,200 specialized staff, Business Unit Technology generated annual gross revenues of CHF 558 million in 2010.

About IMS

IMS, Division of Liquid Waste Technology, LLC started in 1986 in Olathe, KS with the primary focus of providing submersible pumps and one-truck transportable dredges to the waste water industry.

IMS quickly became a leader in the waste water dredge market, but in 1996 diversified its markets due to increased demand for easier to use dredges. In 1996 IMS developed the patented Starwheel Drive self-propulsion system (U.S. patent #2243055) which has revolutionized the way people dredge by eliminating the use of restrictive anchor cables.

Today IMS has sold over 500 dredging systems worldwide to over 35 countries around the globe. IMS has sales offices around the globe with its International Sales Office located in Kansas City.

IMS’s factory is located 40 minutes East of Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport in New Richmond, WI. IMS’s new state-of-the-art 90,000 ft2 (8,361m2) factory is equipped with a training facility, demonstration pond, two story office building, and hydraulic / electric clean rooms. After being open for less than 2 months at the new factory the Board of Directors has approved 100% expansion of the factory due to high demand for IMS and affiliated products.


Source: thaipr, May 10, 2011;