L-3 Klein Associates Inc. Demonstrates HydroChart 5000 and System 3900 at U.S. Hydro Conference

L-3 Klein Associates, Inc. completed a week of important on-water demonstrations at the U.S. Hydro Conference held April 25–28 in Tampa, Fla. L-3 Klein showcased tandem operation of its all-new HydroChart 5000 phase differential bathymetry sonar (PDBS) system and System 3900 search and rescue portable side scan sonar system. This integrated solution was deployed in a wide variety of locations throughout Tampa Bay, providing the sharpest possible views of the seafloor.

L-3’s HydroChart 5000 can be pole- or bow-mounted and features a next-generation PDBS that utilizes advanced interferometric technology to provide IHO special order bathymetry data suitable for charting. The system readily integrates with a motion reference unit, multiple GPS antennas, sound velocity instrumentation and other sensors for highly accurate positioning in water 50 meters deep or less. In addition, with its standard-equipped, top-of-the-line System 3900 true multi-beam side scan sonar, featuring proprietary 900 kHz ultra high-contrast imaging, the HydroChart 5000 simultaneously collects multi-beam and bathymetry data in real time for unsurpassed seafloor imaging.

“While our customers are familiar with older, first-generation interferometry-based systems, they’ve never seen a system like our HydroChart 5000, which provides true chart-quality bathymetry data. This is a capability that only L-3 Klein has been able to consistently demonstrate for special order surveys,” said Timothy Alavosus, director of sales and marketing. “The true multi-beam side scan sonar is a huge bonus, and is also only available from L-3 Klein.”

L-3 Klein, a division of L-3 Marine & Power Systems, is located in Salem, N.H., and is a leading sensor technology provider that manufactures and designs high-resolution sonar systems, marine navigation systems and radar-based security and surveillance systems. With over 40 years of experience, L-3 Klein’s customers include commercial, government and military organizations; shipping and offshore oil companies and related support contractors; maritime facilities; academic institutions; and underwater vehicle manufacturers.

Comprised of 25 operating companies, L-3 Marine & Power Systems (L-3 M&PS) is a worldwide leader in maritime automation and control, navigation, communications, dynamic positioning, and power distribution and conditioning for the U.S. Navy, allied foreign navies and commercial customers worldwide. With over 94 locations in 20 countries, L-3 M&PS is a cohesive, global partner with extensive capabilities and a proven track record in delivering the highest level of technology, service and integration.

L-3 Klein Demonstrates HydroChart 5000 and System 3900 at U.S. Hydro Conference Page 2 Headquartered in New York City, L-3 Communications employs approximately 63,000 people worldwide and is a prime contractor in C3ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems, aircraft modernization and maintenance, and government services. L-3 is also a leading provider of a broad range of electronic systems used on military and commercial platforms. The company reported 2010 sales of $15.7 billion.


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