The Netherlands: Damen Dredging Equipment Develops Innovative RoRo Deep Dredge System

Damen Dredging Equipment has developed an innovative flexible dredging concept which challenges current technical limitations. The new development is the answer to the increasing demand for raw materials while sand winning locations are located further from shore at increased dredging depths. The RoRo Deep Dredge, as the innovative solution is called, can work up to -200 m dredging depth.

Two vital aspects of the RoRo Deep Dredge installation are the key to its flexibility. First of all the dredging equipment is placed on a Platform Supply Vessel – thus the storage and transport facility of the mined sand has been separated and is done by a number of barges. Secondly, the steel suction pipes of TSHD’s have been replaced by a flexible hose. Hence the dredging depth can vary and has become independent from the vessels length.

The installation consists of a submersed excavation unit, which includes a drag head and a Damen dredge pump. A hose is connected to the unit and runs to a storage reel on deck. The flexibility of the system is evident as the hose can be rolled on and off the reel to adapt the dredging depth – hence the name RoRo Deep Dredge. On deck the dredge piping connects the reel to discharge spreaders. Barges sailing alongside are filled continuously.

As a result the dredging process is a continuous one, boosting the efficiency of the dredging gear. No sailing time is required for the dredging gear, thus idle time is sharply decreased. As the operating time of all equipment involved has been maximized, the profitability of investments is increased. Another important advantage is that the modular dredging system can be temporarily mounted on a commonly available vessel, resulting in a relatively minor investment and a shortened return-on-investment time.

The RoRo Deep Dredge is a flexible dredging concept which revolutionizes dredging in the 21st century. With its optimum use of invested capital and therefore its lower cost per m3 it will challenge current projects and dredge fleets. Its modular approach will break the dredging market open by enabling other vessels or contenders to enter the deep sea mining market. The new RoRo Deep Dredge will cause mutiny in dredging to the extreme.

About Damen Dredging Equipment :

Damen Dredging Equipment is a specialised supplier of dredging equipment and dredging instrumentation & automation. The company, based in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, has over 70 years of experience in the construction of dredging equipment serving the worldwide dredging industry. The dredging tools made are all built to specific customer requirements, making use of a wide range of standard equipment. The company is fully owned by the Damen Shipyards Group.


Source: damendredging, May 30, 2011;