USA: RESON Participates in Western Dredging Association Seminar – WEDA 31 & TAMU 42

Danish company, RESON A/S, world-leading manufacturer of high quality underwater acoustic sensors, echo-sounders, multi-beam sonar systems, transducers & hydrophones, will be participating at the Western Dredging Association, Annual Dredging Seminar – WEDA31 & TAMU42.

Enhancing the Economy through Dredging” will be held at Gaylord Opryland, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA from June 5th to 8th, 2011.

RESON to present new technology, including:

– SeaBatR – multibeam echosounders for shallow and deep water

– HydroBatT – entry level multibeam system for shallow water

– NaviSoundR – single beam echosounder

– Hydrophones – high performance transducers for underwater listening

– Transducers – high frequency, underwater positioning and dual frequency purposes

– Sound velocity probes and profilers – be able to compensate with digital monitoring

– Interface cabling

– PDS2000T software – RESON’s own software for before, under and after a survey

– Accessories – mounting brackets, positioning equipment, cables etc.

About company

RESON is a market leader in underwater acoustic sensors, state-of-the-art echosounders, multibeam sonar systems, transducers, hydrophones, and PDS2000 software. RESON’s SeaBatR sonars and NaviSoundR echosounder systems have become an industrial standard in areas such as hydrography, dredging and offshore operations as well as within defense and security applications. Thanks to continued product and technology development, RESON leads its technological field. The company is growing and expanding into new markets and application areas – and its fourth generation of sonar systems will provide unprecedented performance for naval and commercial systems in terms of accuracy, resolution, depth rating, and range. RESON has its corporate headquarters in Denmark, with subsidiaries in the U.K., the U.S., the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.


Source: WEDA, June 7, 2011