House Committee Okays Bill to Rein in Environmental Protection Agency (USA)

A House committee has approved a bill sponsored by Rep. Nick Rahall-D W.Va., aimed at reeling in the Environmental Protection Agency.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved the bill which would limit the EPA’s ability to veto fill and dredge permits already issued by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Rahall said the current policy has backed-up surface mining permits across Appalachia.

This legislation would rein in the EPA and speed up the permit process.

“The most logical solution would be for all sides to come together. I think we would all prefer that we would not have to craft this kind of legislation. Certainly, it would be preferable that agencies work with each other, with the States, and within the confines of their statutory authority,” said Rahall. “It would be better if they followed the rules and did not try to change the law through guidance and Memos of Understanding. But when they do, when they abuse their powers, the Congress has the Constitutional responsibility to serve as a check on them. This is clearly such a time.”



Source: wvnstv, June 23, 2011