APM Terminals to Build Largest Infrastructure Project in Costa Rica History

Ushering in a new era in Caribbean ports, APM Terminals has signed a USD $992 million 33-year concession contract with the Costa Rican Government to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the new Moin Container Terminal (TCM) on the Caribbean coast. 80% of the country’s commerce is handled in the current port complex of Puerto Limon/Moin.

Henrik L. Pedersen, Vice-President, Business Development for the Americas for APM Terminals commented, “Since the beginning, our goal has been to work with Costa Rican leaders to develop a world-class container terminal that modernizes their port system to help Costa Rica achieve its economic ambitions. Not only will it increase the country’s international trade competitiveness, the terminal will reduce logistics costs through higher operating efficiency and enhance Costa Rica’s container cargo security reputation. Our investment in Costa Rica reflects our Latin America strategy to partner with government and business leaders and apply our financial and operational strength to upgrade Latin America ports. The new port in Moin will attract additional international investment, create new jobs and business growth benefiting the country and region.”

Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Francisco Jimenez, declared, “Today is a very important day for all Costa Ricans as we have passed a major milestone for a key project in the Government’s National Development Plan. The new Moin Container Terminal is one of several national transportation infrastructure modernization projects which are expected to produce major efficiency gains for the country’s international commerce. Costa Rica intends to increase our participation in the global market and we need the most modern tools to win”.

In the first phase of the project the terminal will feature 600 meters of dedicated container berth with 6 post panamax ship-to-shore cranes and 40 hectares of yard. Water depth in the channel and alongside will be 16 meters (52 feet) and the terminal will be protected by a 1.5 km new breakwater to enable year round operations.

In the final phase of construction, the terminal will have 1500 meters of quay wall, 80 hectares of yard and the water depth will be increased to 18 meters (59 feet).

The features and auxiliary facilities of the terminal, including the gate complex, will set new standards for customers, improve their logistics chain and reduce costs. The container handling equipment will be eco-friendly, featuring the latest developments in energy efficiency to reduce emissions.

Paul Gallie, Managing Director, APM Terminals Moin, S.A added ”APM Terminals is extremely pleased with the Costa Rican Government’s dedication in advancing this vital project. The administration truly demonstrated this is a top priority for the country and we intend to follow through by inaugurating operations on schedule in 2015. It will be a secure modern facility in accordance with the international security standards of the ISPSC, BASC and the UNODC. Environmental sustainability will be achieved by the use of eco-friendly machinery and systems. The terminal will require up to 1,000 staff when opened, creating important new jobs and economic development in the entire Costa Rica/ Caribbean region.”


Source: APM Terminals, August 31, 2011;