The Netherlands: VOSTA LMG Presents New, Patented Ball Joint at Europort

VOSTA LMG Presents New, Patented Ball Joint at Europort

VOSTA LMG to present a new, patented ball joint design at the Europort exhibition in Rotterdam. The revolutionary new design, based on GREENFORCE technology, provides full wear liner protection and will result in less power and fuel consumption, less CO2 emission, less wear and has the possibility to apply a modern, self lubricating bearing system, avoiding the need for grease.

In the past 40 years little has changed in the design of ball joints for the dredging industry. As experienced supplier of ball joints, VOSTA LMG has identified several improvement points.

One of these points is the metal to metal bearing area. The grease required for these bearings will end up in the maritime environment. The GREENFORCE ball joints enable the use of a modern, self lubricating bearing system.

The flow pattern inside the ball joint also provides room for improvement. VOSTA LMG has managed to substantially reduce the flow resistance, turbulence and flow speed, which caused loss of energy and internal wear.

With a growing awareness of operational costs and environmental aspects, the new improved design of the ball joint is a huge step forward. VOSTA LMG will demonstrate the ball joint at Europort (hall 6, stand 6402) and explain how the design works.


VOSTA LMG is a leading engineering and contracting company, serving the world-wide dredging industry. Apart from self propelled and stationary dredges, the company also markets various dredge component packages and offers engineering and contracting services.

VOSTA LMG operates through a number of offices in Europe, USA and Asia and via a global network of agents and representatives.


Source: vostalmg, November 3, 2011