China: CHEC Inks Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Zhejiang University

China Harbour and Zhejiang University held a grand signing ceremony for their Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Hangzhou on October 17. On behalf of the parties, Sun Ziyi as president of CHEC and Zhang Tuqiao as vice president of Zhejiang University signed on the Agreement.

Zhejiang University is directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education. It is one of the first leading universities of national “211 Project” and “985 Project”. Its predecessor Qiushi Academy was established in 1897 and was one of the earliest modern higher learning institutions established by Chinese people on their own. Through more than 100 years of development, the university has become a first-rate research-oriented university. According to the cooperation agreement, CHEC and Zhejiang University will further carry out cooperation in such fields as scientific and technological innovation, talent training and resource share, which is new exploration in advantage complement between university and enterprise.

On behalf of Zhejiang University, Zhang Tuqiao made a speech on the ceremony. According to him, Zhejiang University has a history of 114 year. By signing the Agreement with CHEC, the university will carry out in-depth cooperation with CHEC by such means as scientific project cooperation, joint building of research and development platform, talents exchange and training and resource share, striving to accomplish more remarkable landmark achievements. He believed that under great attention and all efforts of the parties, cooperation between the university and the enterprise would yield more fruits.

CHEC president Sun Ziyu expressed his confidence to a successful cooperation. He said CHEC had great sense of social responsibility. According to the principles of “advantage complement, reciprocity and mutual benefit and common development”, the parties will jointly build interaction platform for industry, university and research institute and carry out all-round cooperation in such fields as scientific and technological development, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, education, talent training, technical consultancy and service.


Dredging Today Staff, November 23, 2011;