Tunisia: Hammamet to Host CEDA’s International Dredging Seminar

Hammamet to Host CEDA's International Dredging Seminar

Organised in co-operation with the Tunisian Association of Innovation and Technology, international seminar “Dredging, Dredging Products and Sustainable Development” will take place on 16-19 February 2012 in Hammamet, Tunisia. The programme includes two days oral and poster presentations, one day round table discussions and one day technical visit.

Papers are invited on the following subjects:

• Dredging: requirements and sustainable development,

• Environmental monitoring incl. predictions using modeling,

• Assessment and sustainable management of dredged sediments,

• Ecosystems and biodiversity,

• Artificial reefs: perspectives and recommendations and

• Coastal development: case studies and recommendations.

CEDA Tunisia has presented the JIP3D seminar with success on several occasions. With inviting papers and participants from outside the African continent to the next year event, CEDA Tunisia aims to facilitate a truly international exchange of information and networking.

According to the Merchant Marine and Ports Office – OMMP, prominent dredging works in Tunisia are:

• rehabilitation of the petroleum quay of Zarzis,

• Zarzis harbor,

• creation of container terminals and

• creation of cruise terminals.

Other projects, including the Ennfidha harbour, have been put on hold for the time being.


Dredging Today Staff, November 24, 2011; Image: dredging