China: Trial of Self-Propelled Suction Dredger “Tongtu” Succeeds

Trial of Self-Propelled Suction Dredger Tongtu Succeeds.

On November 20, the trial of self-propelled suction dredger “Tongtu” with Asia’s largest capacity and dredging depth fabricated by CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. (TDC) succeeded.

“Tongtu” is a super large self-propelled suction dredger independently designed, developed and fabricated by China. The dredger has a total length of 165.7 meters, a molded width of 30m, a molded depth of 15m, a capacity of 20,467m3, a maximum dredging depth of 90m and a total installed power of 22,320kW, its major equipment is driven through frequency conversion, and the maximum power of its dredge pump is up to 6,000kW.

The dredger can accomplish independent dredging, dynamic positioning and dynamic trajectory tracking, is seaworthy in unrestricted waters, and can undertake port, channel dredging, reclamation, silt sucking and coast maintenance projects in the world.

After going into operation, “Tongtu” will play a significant role in further improving TDC’s dredging capacity and enhancing China’s role and competitiveness in the world dredging market.


Dredging Today Staff, December 2, 2011; Image: cmhicom