USA: Marshfield Selectmen Back Bass Creek Dredging

Marshfield Selectmen have reached a decision to lobby for $400,000 in mitigation funds from government agencies needed to dredge the creek, as part of the Marshfield Airport Safety Improvement project.

Airport Operations Manager Anne Pollard addressed the Board of Selectmen on Monday night, to ask for their support.

Pollard explained that the flooding in Marshfield’s Fieldston and Rexhame neighborhoods could be reduced by dredging the creek.

We saw an opportunity to incorporate a project that had a higher value to many folks in a number of areas of town, especially the Fieldston and Rexhame area, where they have significant drainage issues. The Airport Commission’s feeling is that if we have 97.5% of these mitigation funds coming from F.A.A. and Mass. D.O.T. Aeronautics, we would much rather see those funds put towards a project that’s really important to the town,” said Pollard.

The amount of $200,000 for the mitigation has already been approved at the Marshfield town meeting.

The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted in favor of supporting the project.

The funds for a mitigation project are necessary to help the residents of Fieldston from the persistent flooding caused by Bass Creek. A proposal to help defray the overall costs to the Town by using Federal and State funds must be associated with Marshfield Airport projects.


Dredging Today Staff, December 2, 2011;