Germany: HPA Invites Tender for Dredging Disposal Services

HPA Hamburg Port Authority has announced tender for transport of dredged materials retrieved from the Port of Hamburg for use or disposal, to the landfill Francop silt or Feldhofe.

The goal of corrective actions is the development of largely contaminated silt from Moorburg, loading on trucks or the proper loading in Francop, the transport to the landfill Feldhofe and interim storage of earthworks in proper stockpiling.

The sandy soil is to be loaded onto the moor in Sandsplfeldern Ellerholz, transported and placed in storage for further use as landfill Feldhofe drainage sand.

Project period is 335 days from date of contract award.

Tender deadline is 9.12.2011.

Dredging Today Staff, December 12, 2011;