IHC Merwede to Build Innovative New IHC Beaver® 4040 for Zhejiang Dredging

IHC Merwede has been awarded a contract to deliver the environmentally friendly deep-water dredger, IHC Beaver® 4040, for Zhejiang Dredging (China). This innovative cutter suction dredger will be optimised to work on lake and reservoir dredging projects – and is unique in its class.

Boundary breaking equipment

The Beaver® 4040 is the first cutter suction dredger designed to dredge to a depth of 40 metres. The vessel cannot only cut accurately at greater depths, but can also be equipped with a sustainable cutter head. This fits within both IHC Merwede’s and Zhejiang Dredging’s driving ambition to be at the forefront of the “green” dredging market.

Lake and reservoir dredging

The dredger can be disassembled and easily moved, enabling Zhejiang Dredging to transport her by road to extremely remote reservoir locations. Easy transportation is another of the specific benefits of this type of dredger. Confirmation of this order highlights that Zhejiang Dredging is leading the inland and environmental dredging market in China.

International production

This eco-friendly dredger will be built at the components factory of IHC China Support in Guangzhou, China. Producing a custom-built dredger of this type in China confirms IHC Merwede’s internationalisation strategy to provide customers with tailor-made services and solutions.

Mr Shaohong, Chairman of Zhejiang Dredging, says: “The future of the Chinese reservoir dredging market is very bright. The IHC Beaver® 4040 will further strengthen Zhejiang Dredging’s leading position within this market. “Past experience has shown us that you can only earn money by using a good dredger. Such a vessel is characterised by design, quality and services. IHC Merwede is strong in all these areas. We trust that the quality of IHC Merwede manufacturing in Guangzhou will be at the same level of that in The Netherlands. That is the reason we have selected IHC Merwede once again, as the ratio between quality and price remains in good harmony.”


Dredging Today Staff, December 12, 2011; Image: IHC