India: Commission Approves Investment for Karnataka Flood Protection

The Planning Commission has given Investment clearance for the scheme “Flood Protection works for River Banks of Ghatprabha River (Ch. Km 4.953 – Km 6.933) at Gokak Town of Belgaum District of Karnataka”.

Estimated to cost Rs 34.07 crore, the project shall be completed by the financial year 2012-13 and Plan accounts would be closed by 31st March 2013. The State Finance Department would restrict the expenditure to the approved cost and no additional expenditure beyond approved cost will be permitted unless the revised estimate is got approved following the prescribed procedure.

The proposal envisages construction of earthen embankment and couterfort retaining walls along with sopana (Steps) for river Ghatprabha on right bank near Gokak town for a length of 1685 m and 1165 m (including 20 m length of steps) respectively.

The project envisages strengthening of the right bank of the river Ghatprabha at Gokak town to enable it to carry the full capacity discharge of 7361 cumec for 100 year return period to avoid damages to right flood bank, residential and commercial houses, town, roads etc. The scheme is likely to benefit an area of 146 ha of residential and commercial land and population of about 1400.


Dredging Today Staff, December 22, 2011;