Dredging of Manatee Pocket Moves Ahead (USA)

The hydraulic dredge that has pumped 300,000 cubic yards of muck from the bottom of the Manatee Pocket in Port Salerno soon will fall silent.

In another month or two, the mechanical dredge that has been working alongside the hydraulic pump — removing muck from creeks and tight areas the massive pump couldn’t reach — will complete its work, too.

The $13 million dredging operation expanded the channel to 100 feet wide and 10 feet deep. Before dredging, the channel was as shallow as three feet in spots, making it difficult for big boats to get in and out, and hurting local businesses that cater to the marine industry.

“I think there’s a noticeable increase in clarity of the water (already),” said John Hennessee, owner of the Fish House Art Center on the pocket.


Dredging Today Staff, December 25, 2011;