USA: Congressman Receives Assurances That Cutter Will Remain in Saugerties

Congressman Maurice Hinchey has received assurances that the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter WIRE will continue to remain in Saugerties, New York.

The flood waters caused by Hurricane Irene deepened the Esopus Creek, allowing for safe passage of the vessel throughout the coming winter months. Nevertheless, Hinchey is now working with the Coast Guard and the Army Corps to develop contingency plans in the event that the creek unexpectedly becomes too shallow at a later date. The congressman is also working to convince the Army Corps to dredge parts of the creek to maintain safe passage of the vessel in future years.

“I’ve been monitoring this situation very closely and hosted meetings with the Army Corps and Coast Guard in New York and Washington to ensure that the WIRE will remain in the Mid-Hudson Valley,” said Hinchey. “Perhaps the only good thing that came of Hurricane Irene is that the Esopus Creek grew about a foot deeper, ensuring that the Coast Guard Cutter can continue to be stationed in Saugerties. I have received assurances from the Army Corps and the Coast Guard that there is no immediate risk of the boat being moved away from Saugerties. I have also worked with the Corps and the Guard to develop contingency plans to ensure that the Cutter will remain in our region, particularly in Saugerties, over the long run.

While Hinchey has been assured that the Esopus can currently accommodate the Cutter, he continues to work with the Coast Guard and Army Corps to identify ways to keep the channel deep enough so that the Cutter can remain in Saugerties for years to come. Dredging would likely be the preferred option to ensure a safe creek depth. At the same time, Hinchey is continuing to establish contingency plans that would temporarily relocate the Cutter elsewhere in the Mid-Hudson Valley should conditions in the creek suddenly shift.


Dredging Today Staff, December 30, 2011;

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