Lake Worth Dredging Gets Green Light (USA)

The Fort Worth City Council yesterday approved the Lake Worth dredging project.

This project, as a small piece of a long-term project to turn the nearly century-old lake into a recreational attraction, will cost about $12,5 million.

Dredging is set to kick off on March 1,” City Councilman Dennis Shingleton said. The project funding comes from the natural resource – natural gas leases under the Worth Lake.

“Despite the cynics, the doubters, the decades of studies and delays, we’re about to dredge Lake Worth,” stated Joe Waller, president of the Lake Worth Alliance.

 History of the Project

Dredging is the primary focus of the plan. Since its construction in 1914, Lake Worth has been a trap for high sediment loads from its watershed, limiting its use as a natural and recreational resource.

This project implements focused dredging efforts to maximize the lake as a natural and recreational resource. Additional improvements to boat ramps and navigation will further the lake’s recreational aspects.

Infrastructure Improvements around Lake Worth will lay the framework for future growth. The area’s potential growth situates Lake Worth near the middle of Fort Worth by 2025.

Roads, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, and park improvements will be included to support these growth patterns.

Dredging Today Staff, January 11, 2012;