Australia: NQBP Begins New Port of Weipa Land Use Plan Process

NQBP Begins New Port of Weipa Land Use Plan Process

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation Limited (NQBP) has commenced the process for developing a new Land Use Plan for the Port of Weipa.

The new Land Use Plan will guide future development at the Port of Weipa. The first stage in this process is the preparation of a Statement of Proposals which identifies matters that will be considered in the new Land Use Plan. The Statement of Proposals will be publicly available for 40 business days.

Located on the north-west coast of Cape York Peninsula, the Port of Weipa is principally involved in the export of cattle and bauxite (aluminium ore) from the nearby Rio Tinto Aluminium mine. The port also handles fuel and general cargo. Rio Tinto Aluminium operates the port facilities and has on-shore bauxite handling, processing and stockpiling facilities and conveyors running to Lorim Point Wharf for shiploading.

Other port facilities include general purpose and fuel wharves, and tugs operated by Weipa Tug Services Pty Ltd. Maritime Safety Queensland provides pilotage services. PCQ provides a key service in the port by maintaining a shipping channel through a regular maintenance dredging program.


Dredging Today Staff, February 8, 2012; Image: nqbp